Finance Sources

Efficient eContracting Solutions for Finance Sources

Finance sources that support RouteOne’s eContracting can return decisions faster, enjoy reduced errors, and benefit from the secure management of documents.  


eContracting is RouteOne’s comprehensive electronic contracting solution that helps finance sources manage contracts effortlessly, share information with dealers easily, and deliver seamless integration to several Loan Origination Systems (LOS).  

Through RouteOne’s eContracting platform, critical contract documents and data are shared between dealers and finance sources in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. As a result, the functionality enables you and your dealer partners to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before. 

We understand each finance source has different needs, so we have three ways to connect with the RouteOne eContracting platform: our web-based solution, with your integrated LOS, or through our DMS embedded solution.

Key Benefits & Features


Increases efficiency by streamlining and automating your contracting process 

Fully automates contract distribution and assignment 

Supports retail and lease products and traditional and SPOT delivery sales processes 

Ensures all required signatures are captured during the execution process 

Integrates paper document faxing and imaging fully into the funding package 

Automates critical checkpoints and validates contract data for accuracy as it’s entered 


Build Your Business with RouteOne's eContracting

RouteOne’s eContracting aids in the electronic exchange of documents between dealers and finance sources to speed up the funding of contracts. Grow your indirect lending business and reach customers at the point of sale. Learn more in the short video below. 

Product Levels

Choose the level that best suits your business needs. Select from our web-based DiscountOne, our fully integrated solution with your eContracting-certified LOS, or our DMS-embedded solution, The Digital Deal®.  

Web-Based Solution – DiscountOne eContracting

You can offer eContracting to your dealership customers with minimal investment and staff commitment using our DiscountOne product, a web-based solution.  

  • Retail eContracting 
  • Remote eSigning 
  • Provider Network 
  • Multiple Addendum Distribution for Held Contracts 
  • Traditional and Spot Buy process 
  • Vault Purge 

LOS Fully Integrated Solution

If your Loan Origination Systems (LOS) is eContracting-certified with RouteOne, you can take advantage of our LOS fully integrated eContracting features.  

Enjoy all the benefits of DiscountOne and also:  

  • Lease eContracting 
  • External Validation 
  • Text Messaging 
  • eC App Switch – after validation 
  • Signature Capture Identifier 
  • Higher Resolution PDF's 
  • Indexed Ancillary Documents 
  • Ancillary Document Completion Status 
  • Required Forms List (RFL) - Completed Before Distribution 
  • Ancillary Data and Metadata 
  • Validation of Ancillary Document Data 
  • Robust Validation of Entire Contract Package

DMS Embedded eContracting

Our DMS embedded solution is a single, powerful combination of networks providing deeper integration for eContracting services.  

Enjoy all the benefits of DiscountOne and LOS Integrated eContracting, plus: 

  • Offer dealers a streamlined experience where all work is done from their DMS, eliminating the need for manual import/export of data from CDK or Reynolds & Reynolds into RouteOne. 

The Digital Deal® is a registered trademark of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC.

Start the Route to eContracting

Learn more about the best way for you to join our growing list of eContracting finance sources. Contact your RouteOne Account Manager or the RouteOne Service Desk at 866.768.8301, or call your integrated LOS.