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Vehicle Valuation Tool

When determining the value of a vehicle, spending unnecessary time searching through multiple sites, and reentering data to find the best-matched value can be frustrating. RouteOne understands the pain dealerships go through, and has an easy solution to reduce the amount of time to find a value on a vehicle, so you can spend more time closing deals - that solution is called the RouteOne Vehicle Valuation Tool.

This tool automatically calculates used vehicle loan, retail, and trade-in values on a single screen from within the RouteOne credit application. Accommodating all F&I and sales/desking processes via dual entry points, the RouteOne Vehicle Valuation Tool allows F&I Managers to value the vehicles in a short amount of time. Your dealership will be able to provide your finance sources detailed valuation information, reducing the time it takes to receive a funding decision, by eliminating the hassle of leafing through paper guides or using stand-alone valuation sites. When you subscribe to the Vehicle Valuation Tool within RouteOne, your dealership will be able to pull as many valuations as you need at no extra cost above the low monthly subscription fee.


Key Benefits and Features:

  • Increases efficiency by streamlining and automating your contracting process
  • Eliminates the time spent looking through paper guides or multiple valuation sites
  • Accommodates all F&I and sales/desking selling processes
  • Allows for maximum flexibility in communicating collateral values to finance sources
  • Calculates used vehicle loan, retail, and trade-in values automatically
  • Pull as many valuations as you need at no extra cost above the low monthly subscription fee

Put a Value to Vehicles

Spend more time selling and less time manually entering data with RouteOne’s automated Vehicle Valuation Tool.  With it, you can pull vehicle values from the three main sources shown in the table below. Obtain valuations from: 

  • J.D. Power®
  • Black Book®
  • Kelley Blue Book®

Subscribe Today. It's Simple!

Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can subscribe to the Vehicle Valuation Tools in the Admin tab of the RouteOne system, under Premium Services. If you have any further questions, reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager, or call 866.768.8301.