Digital Retail Tools

Ready to offer your customers options for purchasing or leasing a vehicle from your dealership? With RouteOne Fusion, you can provide your customers with an omnichannel digital retailing experience while leveraging RouteOne’s trusted portal and support.

RouteOne Fusion

The marketplace has experienced a consumer shift along with different expectations, contributing to customers looking for options while shopping for a new vehicle. Research shows that shoppers who purchase goods online spend more than those who shop exclusively in physical stores. Now is the time to meet your customers where they are in their buying journey. Fusion provides a comprehensive suite of innovative and tailored digital retailing solutions through your dealership website.

Key Benefits & Features


Ability to build and price F&I products and showcase aftermarket selections to your customers

Step-by-step navigation provides your customers visibility into their buying journey

Utilize the RouteOne Credit Application to finalize your customer's digital shopping experience

Integrates with your CRM/DMS to provide accurate payment calculations

Provides your customers with the ability to browse vehicle retail and lease options on mobile devices

Offers your customers the option to add a trade-in vehicle to get a market-based value estimate and include the applicable payoff amount

All Your Tools in One Place

We know that adding another solution to your dealership’s process can be an overwhelming experience. Fusion can help eliminate another log-in for your employees by allowing them to use the RouteOne portal they know and trust. 

When asked what our dealers like the most about RouteOne products, a dealer noted: 

“The ability to have so much information in one place. To not have to go back and forth between multiple applications is huge.“


Access RouteOne Fusion Today

Interested in adding Fusion to your dealership? Contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager or the RouteOne Service Desk at 866.768.8301. 

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