Finance Sources

The Digital Deal®

The Digital Deal brings autonomous funding within reach by creating a digital workflow and delivering finance sources a full data payload for even faster funding and fewer held offerings.  




Stay at the point of sale regardless of the path the dealers choose. Our standard eContracting solution allows dealers the flexibility to submit an eContract directly within the RouteOne portal, or they can stay in their Reynolds & Reynolds or CDK DMS. 

Our DMS embedded eContracting is working behind the scenes to reduce the number of systems dealers need to navigate between. With just one integration to RouteOne, your finance source will be an available option at either path. 

Add our enhanced eContracting functionality, The Digital Deal, and we’ll deliver ready-to-fund contract packages to your LOS in real-time. Dealers can submit contract packages with no missing documents or incorrect data because they’ll already know your requirements from our Required Forms List.

The Digital Deal provides your business with a smoother digital workflow: Document Typing/Indexing, Required Forms List, Document Level Messaging, Increased Ancillary Documents, and Data Validation. 

These features can help bring a complete data payload for cleaner contracts to be received from your dealers, providing fewer held offerings and even faster funding.

Key Benefits & Features


Presents dealers with a dynamic list of required forms to be included in the contract package at distribution 

Streamlines both dealer and finance source eContracting workflow 


Verifies key data fields on electronically-generated ancillary forms for data consistency across documents 

Enables an autonomous funding workflow 

Allows finance sources to quickly identify the type of document sent in a contract package with document indexing 


The Digital Deal®

Support our enhanced eContracting functionality to receive a fully digital contract package.

Standard eContracting

Receive eContracts submitted in RouteOne

  • Electronic Contract
  • Contract Validation
  • Data Validation
  • Electronic Ancillaries

Receive eContracts submitted in our DMS embedded solution

  • Offer a Better Dealer Experience
  • Receive Higher Resolution PDFs




The Digital Deal

  • Document Typing/Indexing
  • Required Forms List
  • Document-Level Messaging
  • Ancillary Form Data
  • Ancillary Form Validation

The Digital Deal is a registered trademark of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC.

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