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eContracting is the comprehensive electronic contracting solution that helps finance sources manage contracts effortlessly, share information with dealers easily, and delivers seamless integration to several Loan Origination Systems (LOS). Through RouteOne’s eContracting platform, critical contract documents and data are shared between dealers and finance sources in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. As a result, it enables you and your dealers partners to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Increases efficiency by streamlining and automating your contracting process
  • Accelerates faster funding from finance sources
  • Supports retail and lease products
  • Supports traditional and SPOT delivery sales processes
  • Capture signatures on a tablet by using RouteOne’s free Mobile eContracting Application
  • Integrates paper document faxing and imaging fully into the funding package
  • Fully automates contract distribution and assignment
  • Ensures all required signatures are captured during the review process
  • Automates critical checkpoints and validates contract data for accuracy as it is being entered

Choose the Level of Support That Meets Your Needs

At RouteOne, we understand that every customer is on their own journey and timeline. For some finance sources, eContracting is on the fast track. Others do not have the staff, time or IT investment to make it a priority right now. This is why we offer two paths to support your contracting needs, DiscountOne and full eContracting integration. Both solutions allow you to quickly share critical documents and communicate with dealers directly.



The low-cost entry solution for finance sources that are eager to participate in eContracting, but currently unable to prioritize or staff for a fully integrated eContracting solution.

  • Allows you to participate in eContracting without the upfront IT investment
  • Provides a unique interface for you to receive electronic packages from dealers
  • Offers secure data storage
  • Validates that all signatures are applied and all required data entry fields on the contract are complete
  • Requires no changes to the dealer’s standard eContracting process

Fully Integrated eContracting

The comprehensive electronic contracting solution that helps finance sources manage contracts effortlessly, share information with dealers easily and delivers seamless integration.

  • Everything DiscountOne offers and more
  • Full integration with numerous loan origination systems (LOS)
  • Provides the ability for complete validation of the deal structure prior to customer signature

One Credit Union’s Inspiring eContracting Story

We spoke to a credit union in south Texas that recently adopted to RouteOne eContracting, and they said:

“Within a couple of months, we saw a rise in dealer satisfaction and close to a 10% increase in business from our eContracting dealers.”

Read about their eContracting adaptation experience, and contact your RouteOne Account Manager to get started today.

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