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Indirect Auto Financing

We understand vehicle financing like no one else and give you the technology, tools and support to grow your business. With the RouteOne platform, you gain access to a large network of thousands enrolled dealerships for a wide range of vehicle financing opportunities. This system works wherever you are, on computer or mobile device, with a web-based system, plus, it can all be monitored with our complimentary reporting suite!

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Gives access to thousands of dealers on RouteOne
  • Provides easy integration and open access to multiple loan original systems (LOSs) so you can choose the one that best meets your needs
  • Streamlines the credit application process with a single point of entry
  • Works wherever you are, on a computer or a mobile device, with a web-based system
  • Customizes display fields with our dynamic credit application to increase efficiency for you and your dealers
  • Improves dealer communication with enhanced statuses such as “Approved,” “Booked” and “Conditions”
  • Targets communications by dealer, dealer groups, or state and provides your latest rates and forms directly
  • Choose to support features such as Deal Refresh, Text Messaging, and AutoForward
  • Electronically stores documents, creating an audit trail
  • Monitors your business with our free reporting suite

Indirect Auto Financing

Through RouteOne’s Indirect Auto Financing, your finance source will be able to interact and compete real-time with your competitors, provide an immediate decision, and increase access and visibility to your dealer customers. Choose the level that best suits your business needs, either full integration or our unique DecisionOne product:


The low-cost entry solution for finance sources that are eager to accept electronic credit applications, but currently unable to prioritize or staff for a fully integrated solution.

  • Leverage an electronic connection to your dealer customers
  • Connect directly to RouteOne with no up-front IT investment or commitment
  • Post decisions to the dealer within the RouteOne application
  • Affordable electronic solution that can scale over time to fit any business need

Fully Integrated Solution

The fully integrated solution that helps finance sources accept electronic credit applications.

  • All the benefits of DecisionOne in a fully integrated solution
  • Full integration with numerous loan origination systems (LOS)

Get Started Today. It's Simple.

To get your finance sources started with RouteOne’s Indirect Auto Financing contact your Account Manager, or call RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301.