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DSP Integration: Enhancing Dealership Efficiency

Connect seamlessly with RouteOne's cutting-edge API web services, enabling you to craft a sophisticated digital retail experience for your clientele. Our expansive integration platform, interfacing with over 200 dealer service providers (DSPs), serves as the backbone for numerous digital retailing solutions in the industry.

Integrations Features

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Our services enable you to engage your customers earlier in the buying process and increase your competitive position. Our solutions range from traditional DSP/DMS integrations to tools created to enhance the customer journey.

Credit Application and Decision

Add Finance Source: Send an already submitted application to additional finance source(s). 

Auto Submit: Use your branded consumer- facing user interface (UI), to collect data to deliver to a dealer in RouteOne AND automatically submit to finance sources based on logic: 

Dealer Rules – Determined by what the dealer wants to do with the application.  

Pre-Select – Driven by what the partner wants to do with the application. 

Blind Export: Receive all decisions from a dealer, regardless of the application source. 

Credit Application Field Service: Allows a dealer/customer to complete a credit application within your system and displays required fields for a particular finance source(s), as well as the finance source(s) a dealer is associated to whom the dealer may submit the credit application.  

Deal Refresh: Allows a dealer to update the vehicle and deal structure information with the same application number from your system, if the finance source allows it, eliminating the need to create a new credit application. 

Decision Notification: Retrieve the decision returned to RouteOne from a finance source at a later point. 

Lead Sync: When an import is received in the RouteOne system from a particular DSP, automatically export the full application to a different Dealer Service Provider (DSP) to sync. 

Multi-Dealer Online Credit Application: An application that allows for the use of an online credit application for multiple dealerships within a single entity. 

Third Party Notifications: Receive an abbreviated version of an application when an import from a particular source is sent to RouteOne.  


Payment Calculation

Customer Quote: Provide an estimated vehicle payment to your customers (with or without taxes, fees, or incentives).

Payoff Quote: A dealer using your system can retrieve the payoff amount on the vehicle a customer is currently financing. 


Aftermarket Product Selection

Our widgets are elements that easily embed into your website, allowing enhanced functionality and user experience. The Aftermarket Product Selection widget allows you to display real-time aftermarket pricing to consumers, based on what a dealer offers. Real-time pricing can be displayed and notifications can be sent when a consumer has selected products. 


Document Exchange

Upload Documents: Send and receive electronic documents (signed or unsigned) to and from the RouteOne system.



Automated eContracting: A set of endpoints made available to external integration partners to empower them to build the user interface that will enable the online purchase of a vehicle. Dealers can complete the eContracting process through their integration partner's UI without having to log into the RouteOne platform, while a customer can complete a vehicle purchase remotely. The eContracts created through this service will be displayed on Contract Manager to allow dealers to continue with the eContracting process when dealer intervention is needed.

Create, Validate, Generate, and Review Contract: Send all deal data to the RouteOne system to create a deal, validate contract data against finance source rules, and generate a contract and any required ancillaries, along with a review copy of the contract.

eSign: Applies signatures on the contract form and ancillary documents.

Upload Document: Request the generation of documents in the RouteOne system, update a document, and/or push or retrieve an unsigned document.


Compliance Services

Identity Verification and OFAC: Get the status of Identity Verification (IDV) and OFAC Checks for the applicant and/or co-applicant for a deal in the RouteOne system. RouteOne can set you up to have IDV and OFAC Checks run on every auto-submitted app using a dealer’s credentials . Credit Bureaus will automatically run for dealers that are set up for Auto Submit.

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RouteOne provides solutions to engage your customers earlier in the buying process and increase your competitive position. Our Customer Solutions team is here to help you respond to the evolving automotive sales processes. Connect with us at 866.768.8301 for support on any strategic initiative you’re considering. 


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