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Integrated Partners & Customer Solutions Team

Our Customer Solutions Team can help you respond to the evolving vehicle sales processes. More consumers start their journey online and expect consistency, transparency, and simplicity. We provide solutions to engage your customers earlier in the buying process and increase your competitive position. We offer traditional offerings like DSP/DMS integrations, credit cards, and other services that help create a modern purchase process. 

Automotive OEM's utilize RouteOne's technology to increase competitive offerings to consumers and improve operational efficiencies. Dealerships and OEMs mutually benefit from our key strategic initiatives, including Digital Retail Services, OEM programs, incentive verification, reduction of RDR processing time and errors, as well as targeted re-marketing campaigns.

Our Customer Solutions Team can provide you with consultative industry leadership to help you develop complex Digital Retail Strategies. Contact a member of our team below for support on any strategic initiative you're considering.

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