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Become a Integration Partner

Dealers are continually seeking ways to increase their efficiencies with their DSP partners. Dealers want DSP integrations that make their jobs easier. RouteOne integration allows your dealer customers to exchange credit application information and decisions securely between multiple platforms, eliminating redundancy and reducing errors. Through integration, you’re providing your dealers a chance to speed up the F&I process, close more deals, and increase profits – all while increasing your competitive edge. 

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Allow dealers to automatically share common data quickly and efficiently
  • Speed up your customer’s F&I process
  • Help dealerships close more deals and increase their profits
  • RouteOne offers various integration options, which enable you to choose the integration strategy that best suits your business needs


Integration Options

  • 1-Way Import
  • 2-Way Import/Export
  • 3-Way Import /Export
  • F&I Connection
  • eContracting
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Embedded Intelligent Page Access
  • Auto-Submit/Auto-Export
  • Push credit app from DMS to RouteOne
  • 1-way+ receive credit app, with or without credit decision
  • 2-way+ F&I data export for reporting
  • F&I log transmissions/reporting
  • Fast and efficient, ensures accurate contracts
  • No need for multiple logins
  • Framed screen access to RouteOne with SSO and IPA
  • Ability to have two way export integration with finance source pre-selection and submission and auto decision export back to the DMS