Our Remote Menu Enhancements for a Smoother F&I Process

June 07, 2023

The Value of a Menu in F&I

Using a menu to present and sell your protection products helps you provide your customers with a transparent and personalized experience. A menu lets you showcase the benefits of specific products that best fit each buyer's lifestyle. Educated buyers presented with the value of customized solutions that could prolong the life of their new vehicle might be more likely to buy your aftermarket products. 

RouteOne Menu Subscriber Benefits

When you sign up for the RouteOne Menu powered by MaximTrak, you can create reusable paper or tablet menus that are flexible to your process and each customer's preference. As a bonus, the RouteOne Menu integrates with RouteOne eContracting. That means you can create a faster process and a single signing ceremony. 

RouteOne Menu subscribers also have access to our Remote Menu MaximTrak Go® to help you effectively reach on-the-go buyers. Just send a link directly to a customer's mobile device so they can discover and select protection products at their own pace anytime, anywhere. 

RouteOne Remote Menu Enhancements

Are you in the process of determining or upgrading your dealership's remote engagement strategy for product education and selection? RouteOne is Designed by Dealers for Dealers®. We're always listening to you and adding enhancements where you tell us you need them most. Thanks to your input, we've recently made some helpful updates to our Remote Menu solution so our dealers can reap the benefits.

Online shopping is more prevalent than ever for many consumers. So reaching them wherever they are is crucial. We created our latest features to help make your dealership's F&I department more profitable while raising the bar on the customer experience. 

Updates to Elevate Your Aftermarket Sales

Here's a list of recent complimentary updates to our Remote Menu. 

Pre-Presentation Questionnaire
Now you can send a survey along with the product list. Ask questions to learn more about your customer's day-to-day so you can pitch the products that will best fit their lifestyle.  

Auto Rating Functionality
Our Remote Menu digitally sends data like a vehicle's VIN and deal information to the company that owns the products. When selecting rates for a customer's service contract, the system will use their survey answers to choose a service contract that matches their planned ownership length and average mileage per year.  

Live Negotiation Tool with Live Updates
While a customer is selecting products, the F&I manager can make live changes for full transparency.  

Automated Post-Sale Communication 
Now you can follow up with your customers using a post-sale survey to provide them with another chance to take advantage of the protection products you offer to safeguard their vehicle.

View the RouteOne Menu in Action

Already a RouteOne Menu user? Your subscription just got better. Contact the RouteOne Menu Team for access to these valuable updates. 

Not using a menu yet, or want to upgrade your current F&I process? Sign up for a personalized RouteOne Menu demo and see what you're missing. We'll show you how to create a menu process you'll actually use. Plus, we can provide you with ideas for selling more products, like avoiding generic presentations, how to focus on product education and value, and following up on missed opportunities. 

Plus, we're with you every step of the way. 

Learn how a menu can enhance your F&I process, make customers happier, and boost your bottom line. Sign up for your quick, personalized demo today and see what you're missing. 

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