How a Menu Can Help Boost Your Dealership's Sales

March 04, 2024

Why RouteOne Menu?

Based on dealer feedback, we’re continuously updating our suite of menu tools to help you present all your products effectively – so you can make more aftermarket sales to maximize your business.

Our menu solutions can help you create a modern purchase process for happier customers who repeatedly return to your store. You can save time with the ability to create reusable templates and streamlined content. And better educate your customers about product benefits with access to videos and other content. 

Using a menu can help you educate and draw in customers with value propositions unique to their needs and lifestyles. In fact, according to a recent study, educational content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy. 

RouteOne Menu Solutions Designed for Your Dealership

Dealerships should consider using RouteOne Menu to increase CSI, total products sold, closing ratio, profitability, and customer retention, plus extend the communication cycle between your dealership and your customers.  

RouteOne Menu enables you to create various presentation templates with either custom or stock content. Our dealers enjoy improved efficiencies in the business office and better customer collaboration. Menu subscribers can also enjoy several add-on features, including a few that are complimentary. 

RouteOne Menu Subscriber Benefits


Take Advantage of Our Digital Menu

Dealers who subscribe to the RouteOne Menu can benefit from our complimentary digital menu featuring a "scan-and-go" functionality. Scan the mobile QR code in your menu platform to access the digital menu on your dealership's mobile device -no sign-in is required.

Using our Digital Menu to present your protection products can help simplify the aftermarket process in your F&I office by allowing consumers to navigate the menu presentation. Enhance the value of your product offerings and effectively engage customers' attention through product tour features such as photos, videos, and detailed descriptions.

eContracting + Menu integration For a Smoother Process

RouteOne eContracting and Menu are integrated into our platform. That means subscribing to both dealership solutions can create a streamlined experience for you and your customers. You can also easily add aftermarket forms of products sold in RouteOne Menu to your RouteOne eContracting process to create a single eSigning Ceremony. 

Speed up the time spent in the F&I office, so you have more time to spend on the essential things, like how to set up the sound system and other cool car features. 

Make More Custom Presentations with FLITE®

Talking to your customers about their vehicle needs can help you understand their lifestyles and goals for a successful ownership experience. FLITE, our showroom presentation tool, includes an interactive survey that creates product recommendations based on a buyer's needs. Then, you can use the embedded sales tools to add value to your product offerings.

MaximTrak GO®

Our remote menu solution allows you to convert and send a presentation directly to a mobile device with ease. Your customers can effortlessly browse and select protection products independently at home or the dealership. Stay ahead of the competition and give your busy buyers the convenience they deserve. 

Get Insights into Your Business with Custom Reporting

With the RouteOne Insights reporting tool, you can quickly build customized reports that help drive business decisions. RouteOne Insights is designed to help you better manage your business with flexible features that you can tailor to your specific needs.

Have access to information that is most important to you at your fingertips. With accurate data, you can make informed decisions for your business that can help you save time and money in the long run. 

Schedule Your Personalized Demo Today

Take a few moments and schedule a custom menu demo at a time that works best for you. We’ll show you how to personalize our aftermarket presentation solutions to suit your unique business needs. 

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