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MaximTrak GO

Powerful Presentation in the Palm of the Hand

Life on the move means modern consumers spend 3.5 hrs on their smart phones every day!

With one text link, dealers can launch a unique “text-to-transaction” experience that reaches consumers wherever they are.

MaximTrak GO® converts your menu into an interactive smart-phone presentation so you can send, show, and sell your products and packages.

  • CREATE – A personalized package is sent directly to your customer’s smart phone or tablet via text or email and allows them to interact, accept, decline, and learn about product options to create their perfect package.
  • CONNECT – Customers discover the products that work for them as they engage with sales tools, videos, and educational information. Real-time calculations show financial impact of the products they select. Combine GO with FLITE to integrate the smart survey and intelligent product recommendation for an even more customized experience.
  • CLOSE – After customers comfortably select their product options, they simply confirm their package, triggering a dealer notification to complete the transaction.
  • GO FURTHER – This unique solution lays the groundwork with new opportunities for follow-up on declined products, upsales, retention, service lane, and future customer engagements.

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