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Your All-in-One Interactive Menu 

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  • RouteOne Insights offers instant access to web-based data analytics customizable to your unique requirements. Create valuable insight into F&I performance to manage and elevate operations, driving customer value and profitability.

  • MaximTrak GO® Remote Menu easily converts your menu presentation to send to a smart device so customers can select protection products on the go.
  • FLITE® uses touch technology and an interactive survey to create product recommendations that connect to a buyer's individual needs.
  • Bring all your F&I documents into one contract package through a workflow that best suits your needs.

  • Our system and our key partnerships work hand-in-hand to ensure you're meeting compliance requirements every deal, every time.

Our Dealers Speak Out About RouteOne Menu

"The use of the {RouteOne Menu powered by MaximTrak} has helped our dealership expedite the paperwork process with our customers while also reducing errors and simplifying reporting of sold products. The presentation is clean, concise, and easy for our customers to understand "

- John Borgatti -  Finance Director – Brandon Ford – Tampa, FL -

"I would encourage anyone looking for Menu and/or Digital contracting software to look at {RouteOne Menu powered by MaximTrak}. The product is very innovative, easy to navigate through, and user-friendly. The integration with CDK and RouteOne saves time and eliminates mistakes. The best thing of all has to be their customer service and customization; they were able to adapt my needs to fit their software. Game changer! I highly recommend them!"

 - Sean Forsythe -  Director of Finance – Liberty Auto Group, Cleveland, OH -


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