RouteOne Culture is About Collaboration

December 28, 2023

Continued Investment in the Culture

Investing in the well-being of our team helps cultivate our collaborative culture. We believe in creating fun and interesting activities that help us get to know each other in more compelling ways. The team has enjoyed ice cream truck visits, summer picnics in the park, yacht cruises on the Detroit River, sporting events, and more.

We’re also firm believers in giving back to our community. We cover the time and encourage our employees to participate in local volunteer opportunities, such as food banks like Forgotten Harvest and gathering school supplies and holiday gifts for needy area children. 

Since 2018, we’ve hosted our annual Code-A-Thon to foster innovation and teamwork. This three-day design and coding event brings innovative ideas to fruition through an intensive collaboration of teams from various roles, including coders, designers, and product managers. This competition generates many innovative applications and solutions for internal teams and external clients. Added benefits for employees include opportunities to learn more outside of work and tuition reimbursement to help expand personal and professional horizons. We’ve supported employees in technology boot camps to help them develop their technical skills.

Our environment is collaborative, innovative, and agile, which helps us respond better to industry demands. We're also family-oriented and strive to ensure our team is supported personally and professionally. Dedicated and inclusive, we're always open to input from all our employees. In a recent video we created, we asked our team members to describe RouteOne in three words. Some of the top descriptors returned were fun, fast-paced, and integrity. 

Our Recent Awards

Our family-oriented sensibilities help us strive to ensure our workforce is supported personally and professionally. Thanks to our dedication to our team, we've captured the Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces Award seven times, and staff members receive accolades and awards yearly. 

In addition, in 2023, RouteOne was awarded several other awards recognizing the positive and thriving workplace culture the company has fostered. We received the Top Workplaces 2023 Technology Industry National Award and also ranked nationally in six additional subcategories, including Top Workplaces Compensation and Benefits, Work-Life Flexibility, Employee Appreciation, Employee Well-being, Professional Development, and Remote Work. 

We are one of the top: 

  • 25% for Strong Values
  • 1% FinTechs for Benefits-Best-in-Industry 
  • 16% FinTechs for diversity, equity, inclusivity initiatives, and employee referrals
  • 91% of RouteOne employees feel they have work-life flexibility.

What Does RouteOne Do?

We provide dealerships and other partners with streamlined solutions for credit applications, eContracting, aftermarket product sales, eSigning, and compliance tools.  

In a nutshell, we make it easier to sell cars and for consumers to buy their next vehicle online, in-store, or a combination of both paths. Our customers are the dealerships and other companies that serve consumers and the finance sources that do business with the dealerships. We help make buying a vehicle go as smoothly as possible and try to reduce the time and amount of paperwork all sides handle. 

Some people might call us "fintech," a term for products and companies that use new digital and online technologies in the financial services industry.
But what we "do" doesn't completely define who we are. We're more than our company description and elevator pitch. We're also the sum of our people and the growth and accomplishments we all achieve, thanks to RouteOne's nurturing environment.

How RouteOne Started

RouteOne began as a way to improve a current process. 

Several parties passionate about the vehicle finance industry saw a need for a more transparent workflow and came together to enhance how dealerships and finance sources do business. 

In 2002, GMAC (now Ally Financial), Ford Motor Credit Company, DaimlerChrysler Financial (now TD Auto Finance), and Toyota Financial Services joined forces. Their mission? Building and enhancing processes for the vehicle finance industry that make selling and financing a vehicle easier for dealerships and improve the consumer experience.  

We focused on what dealers had to say and learned early on that collaborating with our customers was essential to the success of all involved. Collaboration has been key to our success from the beginning and throughout the last 21+ years. 

Team Support is Crucial

It's not just building a modern process that makes RouteOne unique and successful; it's the commitment of our team to remain flexible and agile in the ever-changing marketplace. 

We've been all about supporting our team members from the very beginning. Creating a collaborative and cohesive team is vital to serving our customers – providing dealers and consumers with the purchase process they want now and in the future. Our agile response helps us better answer industry demands. 

We not only want to hear from our customers, but we're always open to input from all our employees and want everyone to have a seat at our table. Our platform is known for top-notch reliability. Our success depends on the can-do attitude of our whole team - from our IT professionals and departments behind the scenes to our support and sales teams out in front. 

“It is no accident that I have been with RouteOne for over 19 years, the majority of my career. I have had opportunities to work in and lead many different departments, and I am so grateful for the mentors and colleagues along the way.” 
              -Long-time employee Amanda George, RouteOne Chief Product Officer 


Be a Part of Our Continued Growth and Collaboration

Our supportive environment helps all of us to reach our highest potential. As the workplace changes, so do we. We’ve adapted to the latest alterations in how people work and ensure all our employees have access to a productive and safe work environment. We continue to build and improve on the tools and features that help dealerships and finance sources communicate effectively so customers can get funded and out the door faster

We're actively seeking ambitious and enthusiastic generalists and specialists in technology, business development, relationship building, and more. Team members enjoy competitive compensation, flexible work schedules, best-in-industry medical benefits, learning and career development opportunities, plus much more. 

Are you interested in joining our collaborative team? Please take a few moments to learn more about us and view our current opportunities today. 

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