Our Dealerships Share How They Feel About RouteOne Menu

October 06, 2022

Tools You Can Use to Stay Competitive

Dealerships need every advantage available to compete in a tight marketplace. For example, leveraging a menu to promote and sell your aftermarket products is an innovative and simple way to ensure you present the right products to every customer every time. 

RouteOne Menu is a welcome addition for many F&I departments. Our solutions can help you create a transparent and personalized sales experience to help build long-lasting trust with customers and boost your sales. 

A menu is not just a piece of paper with a list of your products but a scalable process. Your menu process should be easy-to-use and adaptable to all your customers. Our flexible and reusable templates help you build paper or digital presentations to present the best products to your customers wherever they are – in-store, online, or a hybrid of both. 

Our easy-to-use software integrates with the leading DSM/DSPs like CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds,  Auto/Mate, and many more for a streamlined workflow with fewer errors. 

We're With You Every Step of the Way

Our menu solutions are also easy to use, and we're there to show you every step of the way. We offer our dealership customers a variety of training and support to help them get up and running immediately. 

Our subject matter experts can walk you through the platform with one-on-one training or during one of our weekly webinars. We also create a variety of self-serve guides, videos, and blog posts for access to on-demand information. And, of course, our best-in-class customer service team is always available to help you with your menu questions. 

"I would encourage anyone looking for Menu and/or Digital contracting software to look at {RouteOne Menu powered by MaximTrak}. The product is very innovative, easy to navigate through, and user-friendly. The integration with CDK and RouteOne saves time and eliminates mistakes. The best thing of all has to be their customer service and customization; they were able to adapt my needs to fit their software. Game changer! I highly recommend them!"

 - Sean Forsythe -  Director of Finance – Liberty Auto Group, Cleveland, OH -

Time-Saving Flexibility

The RouteOne Menu is integrated with your RouteOne portal and compliments your existing sales process. Customer data can be pre-populated from your DMS or your RouteOne Credit App. You can offer your customers a flexible buying experience by delivering your presentation in-store or remotely to their mobile devices. Streamline your F&I processes with the ability to electronically add protection product forms from your menu directly into your eContract package, resulting in saved time and fewer errors. 


Track Your Progress

Our menu reporting puts your aftermarket sales data into comprehensive reports to help you make informed business decisions about your product offerings, training, and sales processes. Easily view what products are selling, in what amounts, and who's selling them.  

"The use of the {RouteOne Menu powered by MaximTrak} has helped our dealership expedite the paperwork process with our customers while also reducing errors and simplifying reporting of sold products. The presentation is clean, concise, and easy for our customers to understand "

- John Borgatti -  Finance Director – Brandon Ford – Tampa, FL -

View the RouteOne Menu in Action

We've spent 20 years in the industry creating ways to enhance your F&I process, make your customers happier, and boost your bottom line. Plus, we're with you every step of the way. 

Are you not using a menu yet, or do you want to upgrade your current F&I process? Sign up for a personalized RouteOne Menu demo and see what you're missing. We'll show you how to create a menu process you'll actually use. 

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