The eVolution of eContracting

September 13, 2022

We're looking back at our growth and achievements as we celebrate 20 years of serving the vehicle finance industry.


Since 2002, we've never wavered in our dedication to answering the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. 

We provide dealers with tools to build an end-to-end purchase process that can take place in-store, online, or both, and our eContracting platform is the centerpiece of the entire process. 

When a consumer is buying a vehicle, they must apply for credit. RouteOne connects a consumer's online credit request to hundreds of finance sources for a credit decision. Data from that credit decision is automatically populated into a dealership's electronic contract or eContract, to streamline the purchase process for the dealer and the car buyer.

We make it easier for dealers to sell cars and consumers to buy their next vehicle online, in-store, or a combination of both paths. We help make the whole process go as smoothly as possible and help reduce the time and amount of paperwork all sides handle. 

Since we processed our first eContract in 2006, our volume and support from finance sources and dealerships have grown steadily to the massive platform we are today. Our eContracting platform is available for lease and retail finance contracts in all 50 states. 250+ finance sources support us, the most in the industry, and integrated with 15 Dealer Management Systems (DMS) so dealers can select their systems and services of choice. 

eContracting Enhancements – Menu and Remote eSign

As a company designed by dealers for dealers®, we're always looking for enhancements to make our eContracting platform a better experience for dealers and customers. Continuous innovation has led to several significant additions to the end-to-end digital workflow. 

In a commitment to make our eContracting more robust, we acquired MaximTrak in 2016 to enhance the finance process. Our eContracting platform and MaximTrak's insurance process combine for a streamlined and complete workflow.

The following year, we released Aftermarket Rating & Contracting, giving dealers a low-cost way to add product forms to eContracts. 

As an industry leader, we've experienced many firsts. In 2016/2017, we made great strides to create better innovations and more flexible ways to execute finance contracts. In partnership with Toyota Financial Services, we launched Straight-Through Processing, a feature that brings dealers faster funding by alleviating the need for manual contract review. 

We were the first to market when we executed the first Remotely eSigned eContract. With RouteOne's Remote eSigning, dealers can electronically send all deal documents to customers and capture signatures in one signing ceremony. Buyers can securely review and electronically sign a complete eContracting package, including all finance and insurance deal documents, from wherever they are.  

2020- eSign Anything® Launches  -  First of its Kind to Market

Several years ago, there were still a few deal documents that weren't digital and so unable to be part of an eSigning ceremony. Dealers wanted a way to digitize documents like odometer readings, proof of insurance, and more without leaving the RouteOne platform and buying another program. 

We saw the need for a solution to allow eContracting dealers to package all eSignable deal documents and create one eSigning session. We created eSign Anything®, so dealers can upload any document and draw and define eSignable areas to capture eSignatures. Documents can be uploaded from a desktop or using RouteOne's Mobile Document Capture app to scan paper documents.   

Our eSigning experience has also evolved over the years. Our industry-leading eSigning process incorporates security and compliance measures designed to meet stringent requirements. Customers can consent to eSign and sign what they see in the contract. Dealers can give final documents to customers in a form they can keep.  

Dealers and customers can eSign documents in RouteOne with existing equipment using a web browser on a tablet device or the complimentary Mobile eContracting Application on an Apple® device. Customers can choose to adopt a signature with a stylus, their finger, or type their name upon login, then click to place signatures throughout the contract package. 

The Industry is Embracing eContracting 

In RouteOne, 9 out of 10 credit applications originating in our platform can be eContracted. To date, over 13.2 thousand dealers subscribe to our eContracting. We expect that number to grow.


eContracting – the Foundation for a Flexible Purchase Process

RouteOne's eContracting is the hub in our suite of remote and digital functionalities that help dealers process deal paperwork safely and conveniently. Data from the credit application, DMS, and menu populate the eContract, reducing the potential for errors and duplicate data entry.

Funding packages are delivered electronically to finance sources, eliminating the risk of potential delays in overnight shipments. RouteOne's eContracting speeds up the F&I process by helping dealers share critical contract data with finance sources in minutes, not days, and receive funding from the finance source within 24 hours.

Our eContracting solution validates the deal structure before capturing customer signatures, reducing held contracts, and ensuring there are no missed signatures.  

Discover how you can raise customer expectations and get paid faster with our digital signing solutions directly integrated with your finance sources. Your RouteOne Business Development Team is available to answer any questions and help you get started with eContracting and eSigning in RouteOne.

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