Compliance Tools For Your Busy Dealership

February 03, 2022

Compliance. The word alone grabs the attention of experienced or novice F&I managers alike. Rules and regulations are continually evolving, so you must take your dealership’s compliance seriously every day. The consequences of ignoring protocol could be devastating. Your dealership could face hefty fines and penalties.

Compliance in a dealership refers to any laws that pertain to selling, buying, or financing vehicles and communicating with customers. To stay ahead of the curve, you should consider creating an action plan and building a routine so that compliance becomes second nature to everyone involved in managing compliance tasks.



Dealership Compliance Tools For Any Budget

Compliance with government regulations is required, but using the right tools will also help keep your dealership safe from a variety of cybersecurity threats. RouteOne’s suite of complimentary compliance products and services are designed to ease your compliance burdens.

  • Receive alerts for suspicious dealer activity in the RouteOne platform with Activity Alerts. 
  • Prevent outside users from getting into your system with IP Blocking.
  • Gain control and assign employee access to suit your individual business with Permissions.
  • Document standard markup rate deviations on contracts to protect and create an audit trail for your dealership with the Dealer Rate Exception Form.
  • Ensure that only current, valid employees have access to your RouteOne system with our Active Dealer User Report.



Step Up Your Game with Premium Compliance Services


Adverse Action Notices

If a consumer is not granted credit on the terms requested through your dealership, legally you must send the consumer an Adverse Action Notice via regular mail within 30 days. Going through a pile of denied credit applications is probably a low priority for many F&I managers. Consider a streamlined solution for this important task like RouteOne’s Adverse Action Mailing Service.  You can use the time you save to sell more cars or train new employees.


Validate Identities

RouteOne’s IDOne allows you a set your own risk tolerances to verify your customers’ identity within the RouteOne system.  Quizzes can be generated automatically, if necessary.  You can select from our three integrated providers – Transunion®, NCC, or 700Credit – for your identity verification needs.  IDOne also provides you with a seamless workflow by populating results into your RouteOne Deal Manager and creating audit trails.


Store Your Digital Documents

Just because your dealership might be going paperless, doesn’t mean compliance requirements about storing critical data fall by the wayside. RouteOne’s SecureDocOne service allows you to store a wide range of digital documents like privacy notices, aftermarket data, and credit reports. With SecureDocOne Plus, you can also house documents generated outside of RouteOne, such as vehicle, government, service/parts, and more.


Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Compliance Progress

With our enhanced Compliance Dashboard, you can see at a glance how your dealership is managing compliance tasks for ID verification, dealer rate exception forms, AAN, OFAC,  CSDN, privacy notices, and more.



Additional Compliance Tool Assistance

Guides and Videos: Log into your RouteOne platform for a variety of videos and guides designed to help you make the most of RouteOne’s compliance tools.

Quarterly Compliance Webinar: Take advantage of RouteOne’s complimentary live compliance webinar events for insightful information about managing dealership compliance and more. Watch our social media or check our event page for registration information.

The RouteOne Team: More compliance questions? Contact your Business Development Manager for prompt assistance. We're here to help you succeed.