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Streamline Your Adverse Action Notice Process


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A dealer's list of daily to-dos is sometimes longer than the available hours in a day.  In addition to handling numerous requests from a variety of people, attending store meetings, and following up with potential buyers, tasks like compliance obligations can rapidly pile up to an overwhelming level.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Many managers would prefer to spend most of their time selling cars, training new employees, or making sure the F&I department is running smoothly.  Going through a stack of denied credit applications is likely a very low priority. 

As you know, if a consumer's credit application is rejected through your dealership, legally you must tell the consumer by sending an Adverse Action Notice via regular mail within 30 days.

To save time and lessen your stress level about Adverse Action Notices, consider a straightforward and streamlined solution, like RouteOne's Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service, a digital tool that will automate one of your most daunting duties.  

Every dealership is aware that the creation of a solid compliance strategy is necessary to protect your business.  RouteOne's Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service helps address the challenges that come with monitoring Adverse Action Notices by providing a digital, automated tool that you may personalize to suit your individual needs.

Our tool eases some of your compliance burdens by automatically mailing Adverse Action Notices to consumers on your behalf. No more searching for stamps or envelopes and trying to race to the post office in time!


Compliance for Today’s Digital World

Buying a new or used vehicle most often starts on a consumer’s smart phone or home computer where research and comparison shopping can be done on the web.  That’s why adding a credit application page to your dealership's website is a fantastic source of additional business. 

However, an online credit application adds a wrinkle to the long of list of the usual compliance issues you manage. You are still required to mail out Adverse Action Notices to consumers who never set foot in your store. 

This is where a tool like RouteOne's Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service will help keep you and your dealership on the right side of compliance by automatically mailing notices for records that are 14-30 days old.

Free up some time in your day and lower your stress level when you consider an automated mailing service. Take a few minutes and get the specifics on our Adverse Action Notice Mailing Service with this helpful white paper located here.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your RouteOne representative.