Accelerate Dealership Success with an All-In-One Digital Retail Solution

April 05, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of vehicle sales, staying ahead of the curve can be essential for success. 

As you already know, consumers now prefer a more seamless and convenient vehicle purchase experience. Dealerships should consider adapting to meet these changing demands. One way to revolutionize your dealership and exceed customer expectations is by investing in an all-in-one digital retail solution like RouteOne Fusion.


Our Digital Retail Solution – RouteOne Fusion

Want to offer your customers options for financing and purchasing or leasing a vehicle from your dealership? RouteOne Fusion can provide your customers with an omnichannel digital retailing experience while leveraging RouteOne’s trusted portal and support.

Fusion is RouteOne’s newest digital retailing tool. It offers your customers a hybrid online and in-store vehicle-buying experience. Fusion integrates into your dealership’s website to provide financing, trade-ins, credit applications, and aftermarket product selection on one site.

One key benefit of digital retailing tools is the ability to cater to the modern consumer's preferences for convenience and efficiency. With these tools, customers can browse inventory, compare prices, and explore financing options, all from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they have internet access. This not only saves them time but also empowers them to make informed decisions at their own pace.


What's an All-In-One Digital Retail Solution?

An all-in-one digital retail solution integrates various aspects of the vehicle purchase process into one cohesive platform. RouteOne Fusion enables consumers to apply for credit and explore financing options easily. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, dealerships can offer a seamless and convenient experience that meets the needs of today's digital-savvy consumers.


Top Three Benefits of Investing in an All-In-One Digital Retail Solution


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience — Dealerships can offer a more personalized and engaging buying experience by providing customers with a user-friendly digital platform. This convenience not only attracts customers but can also foster loyalty and repeat business.


  2. Increased Efficiency —The more manual vehicle-buying process of the past is considered time-consuming and less convenient for customers and dealership staff. An all-in-one digital retail solution can automate much of the process to reduce the time and effort needed to purchase. 

    With RouteOne Fusion, customers can experience a seamless online and in-store transition without losing progress because data flows into RouteOne. From generating quotes to processing financing applications, automation streamlines operations and allows staff to focus on providing exceptional service.


  3. Expanded Reach — Dealerships with a more robust online presence can reach a broader audience of potential customers.  A digital retailing tool allows dealerships to reach customers beyond their local area, opening up new opportunities for sales and growth. Additionally, by offering online credit application options, dealerships can attract customers who prefer the convenience of digital transactions.


RouteOne Fusion Specific Benefits

RouteOne Fusion was designed for dealerships that know the vehicle finance industry is adapting to new technologies to meet consumer expectations and create better internal processes for faster funding.  RouteOne Fusion: 

  • Integrates with your CRM/DMS to provide accurate payment calculations
  • Enables customers to browse vehicle retail and lease options on their mobile devices
  • Can price F&I products and showcase aftermarket selections to your customers
  • Uses the RouteOne Credit Application to finalize a customer's digital shopping experience
  • Offers the option to add a trade-in vehicle to get a market-based value estimate and include the applicable payoff amount


Invest in Your Success

Investing in new technologies is about transforming how your dealership does business, not just about keeping up with the latest trends. 

By providing customers with a seamless, secure, and convenient purchase process, dealerships can boost sales and potentially create better reviews and repeat business thanks to a faster and more automatic experience. 

Let the RouteOne Business Development Team show you how simple it could be to add RouteOne Fusion to your toolbox.

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