20 Years of Dealer Choice and Growth

December 13, 2022

Our Dealers Have Choices

In poker, “dealer’s choice“ means the person dealing the cards gets to choose the next game to be played at the table and lay out any rules. At RouteOne, dealer’s choice means our dealers can choose the purchase path and tools that work best for their business, from credit apps to aftermarket sales and eContracting. 

RouteOne began twenty years ago as a FinTech joint venture dedicated to continuously advancing the dealership F&I process and responding to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. We always keep dealer preferences top of mind. 

We strive to enhance what a dealership already has in play. Dealers can easily continue to use the tools they already use. Thanks to our open integration, we have the growing support of 1400 finance sources and 250 DSPs.  Dealerships can connect with current tools and discover new relationships that are best for their unique business. We offer dealers a wide array of choices and help them do business through their strategies, helping us to continue to gain dealer support. 

Growth in Dealer Support 

We’re built on the principle that we’re Designed by Dealers for Dealers®. We’re continually asking our dealers for feedback on the tools they need to remain competitive and reach their goals. For example: 

Many dealers and their customers wanted a paperless and streamlined contracting process, so we launched our eContracting platform in 2006. In 2012 our eContracting volume was 200K. Now in 2022, we’re well on over 20 million eContracts to date. 

Dealers also asked us for the ability to access the value of used vehicles without having to leave the RouteOne platform. So, in 2009 we launched our Vehicle Valuation tool. Black Book®, J.D Power®, and Kelley Blue Book® all integrated with RouteOne to eliminate the need for paper guides or stand-alone valuation sites. Vehicle Values also reduces the need to re-enter data manually and simplifies searching. 

See What Our Dealers Say

We feel our commitment to dealer choice helps keep our dealers happy. Don’t just listen to us; see what a few of our dealers have to say in our recent Annual Satisfaction Survey: 

“RouteOne listens to the needs of our stores and takes input seriously. We appreciate the partnership.”
– Joella McNeill, Group Finance Director, Luther Landers Auto Group (MN)

“They stay up to date with changing needs of dealers.”
– Darren Fay, Group Finance Director, Kenwood Dealer Group (OH)

“The services for RouteOne are always available, and we are able to do our jobs better because of it. “
– Ray Love, Sales Associate, Victorville Motors (CA)

Continuing to Support Dealer Choice

To ensure we’re always there to support our dealers, we have a dedicated team of Business Development Managers to assist with your RouteOne needs. Our dynamic group of phone and field representatives was put in place back in 2007 and covers geographic regions for local and personalized service and helps improve dealer experience. Our subject matter experts help set up solutions like eContracting, answer any platform questions, and show off the best training tools from guides, videos, and webinars. 

We're built on the principle that dealers should be able to sell vehicles using the tools they are most comfortable with, and we continue to support dealer choice every day. We thank all our RouteOne dealers and welcome any new dealers interested in doing business their way.

Reach out to the RouteOne Business Development Team or view the resources below to get started with us today.

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