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Integration Services

Integrating RouteOne to your preferred dealer service providers is critical to making your life easier.  It’s why RouteOne’s open integration platform was designed to work with 200+ different DSP systems, and several top credit bureau agencies. This integration puts you in control, allowing you to choose the best in class solutions for your dealership, while reducing data entry and duplicate steps in your workflow. Why key the same information more than once? At RouteOne, we work hard to reduce duplicate data entry and related duplicate efforts wherever possible. Integration to the systems you choose eliminates duplicate entry, saving you time. 


Key Benefits and Features:

  • Eliminate duplicate entry into multiple systems
  • Exchange credit application and decision information between your dealership management system (DMS) and finance sources in near-real time, simplifying and improving the credit application process
  • Send the application from your automotive dealer management system to RouteOne for finance source submission
  • Return the credit decision received from the finance source from RouteOne to your automotive dealer management system
  • Originate an application in RouteOne, send it to the automotive dealer management system to populate customer screens, and work the deal further
  • Get a concise yet comprehensive view of your dealership’s finance department and lender performance to pinpoint new opportunities for growth and profit