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Protecting your dealership from conducting business with criminals is no easy task. As part of the many compliance tools available within the RouteOne platform, we offer a full service identity verification tool that helps manage compliance tasks and fits seamlessly into your everyday workflow. IDOne makes it easy to validate your customers’ identities and pinpoint potential fraud without missing a beat. We’ve taken the manual work out of identifying potential issues because we automatically generate additional quizzes in real-time when needed. This means that you don’t have to decide when further action might be needed – we’ll handle that for you.

Customizable settings give you the flexibility to set tolerances for alerts so you can decide the appropriate risk strategy for your dealership. All results can easily be found in RouteOne’s Deal Manager along with the ability to manually review and override any red flag cautions. IDOne complements other RouteOne compliance features like SecureDocOne, that provides electronic storage and retrieval of any document, including IDOne results, at any time, for years to come.


Key Benefits and Features:

  • Protect your dealership by validating your customers’ identities directly within RouteOne
  • Verification with multiple databases to identify discrepancies
  • Adjustable settings for risk tolerances based on your strategy
  • Auto-generate an identity authentication quiz in real-time if identity is not initially verified
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by automatically populating your RouteOne credit app with data used from IDOne
  • Set preferences to auto-run IDOne every time a credit bureau is pulled
  • Create a seamless workflow with results populating in RouteOne’s Deal Manager
  • Select from three providers - Transunion®, NCC, or 700Credit
  • Automated audit trails and record keeping

IDOne Product Options

You have the option to subscribe to IDOne with TransUnion, NCC, or 700Credit. Let RouteOne help you manage your day-to-day compliance needs and pinpoint potential identity fraud.


700Credit Product

Issues warnings about questionable information that appears to be genuine at first.

  • Warning messages for high-risk applicants, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and addresses.
  • Multi-database backed solution for minimal downtime because of redundancy.
  • Dealer-established authentication levels with minimum false positives to lessen the need for authentication questions.
  • OFAC check provided with each score.
  • Out of Wallet (OOW) questions generated in real-time if identity is not initially authenticated.
  • A two-digit numeric score indicates the likelihood of identity risk.
  • Non-credit based, risk-based identity quiz can be generated at the option of the dealer if an identity is not initially verified, or if the dealer wishes to authenticate further.

NCC Product

Compares input applicant data with multiple data sources to identify discrepancies and prioritizes alerts by risk level.

  • Messages related to a customer’s identity will be provided and high-risk alerts will be clearly identified, giving dealers the flexibility to check data input for accuracy prior to ordering an authentication quiz.
  • OFAC check provided with each verification result.
  • A risk-based identity authentication quiz may be generated at the option of the dealer, if an identity is not initially verified.
  • All questions within the quiz are noncredit based, providing a broader base of questions and offering diverse sources of information.

TransUnion Product

Use specialize fraud scores for further insight and peace of mind

  • Multiple databases and advanced analytics can be leveraged to provide straightforward decisions.
  • Numeric score will be provided for names and addresses entered, allowing dealers to assess varying levels of risk.
  • OFAC check provided with each fraud score.
  • A risk-based identity authentication quiz will be automatically generated in real time if an identity is not initially verified, eliminating the need to manually decide which applicants require a quiz (and keeps customers in your store while proving identity).
  • Use of both credit and non-credit questions within the quiz provides a broader base of questions.

Subscribe Today. It's Simple!

Your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) can subscribe to IDOne in the Admin tab of the RouteOne system, under Premium Services, IDOne. Simply select the Transunion®, NCC, or 700Credit product. If you have any further questions, reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager, or call 866.768.8301.