GM Canada’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

Count on RouteOne to provide you with the technology and tools needed to finance and sell your vehicles.


RouteOne is bringing GM Canada dealers an exciting new opportunity! GM Canada’s Certified Pre-Owned Program provides special financing to General Motor Canadian Dealers. RouteOne has been serving GM Canada dealers since the first domestic OEM captive online contracting solution in 2006, the first Online Consumer Credit platform (OCCA) in 2014, and now through the GM Canada’s Certified Pre-Owned Program!

The RouteOne platform offers a single point of entry for all of your credit applications and online contracts that you may send to either captive or non-captive finance sources. Our solution is simple to use, with an efficient two-page deal structure. It is all web-based, so there is nothing to install. 


Credit Application System

Digital Retail Services - Online Personalized Credit Application

Equifax & TransUnion Credit Bureau Integration

Available DSP/DMS Integrations

Access to Canada’s Major Finance Sources

Reporting Suite to Track Valuable Performance Metrics

Next Steps

To ensure your GM Canada dealership is utilizing these valuable tools RouteOne offers, be sure you have an active Dealer Participation Agreement with RouteOne. Most dealers already do, but you can verify your active Dealer Participation Agreement by calling RouteOne at 877.866.0003. For more information on the GM Canada Certified Pre-Owned Program, contact your Business Development Manager, or call the RouteOne support team at 877.556.0003.


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