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The RouteOne Reporting Suite provides a concise and comprehensive view of your dealership’s finance department and finance source performance. Our near real-time reports provide access to key performance metrics to pinpoint new opportunities for growth and profit. 


Available Reports for Dealers 


Aftermarket Performance Report 
Displays aftermarket volumes, monthly growth, and other performance metrics, allowing you to make a side-by-side comparison of users’ aftermarket performances. 

Aftermarket Penetration Report 
Displays the aftermarket products sold over multiple dealerships by vehicle model. 



Credit Bureau Volume Report 
Displays users with report permissions, credit bureau volume, and credit scores for all credit reports run within RouteOne, at the summary- and detail levels. 

Customer Prospecting 
The customer prospect report contains a list of lease, balloon, and retail accounts, referred to as prospects, due to mature within the next year, as provided by participating finance sources.




Finance & Insurance Log 
Includes dealership F&I profit (average and per vehicle retailed) and penetration for each F&I department, F&I product, F&I Manager, or salesperson. Summary and transactional detail are available for all dealership sales. With optional DMS integration, dealers enjoy nightly automated data processing, direct from accounting on all closed/finalized deals. 

Track your finance earnings month-to-date with each participating finance source you use with an easy-to-use report. The finance source will populate these reports if they support this feature. Displays summary and transactional detail. 



Decision and Funding Analysis  
Allows your dealership to monitor finance source decision mix and times for all submitted application decisions (approved, conditioned, declined). 

Time Sales Analysis  
Displays your dealership’s total finance penetration and finance source mix (share) for financed contracts. 

Trend Analysis
Trend Analysis information provides summary-level metrics to track key finance source trends over time. Compares booked/funded and approval ratios for each active finance source. 

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