eContracting from a DSP/DMS Import

How do I access a DSP/DMS import to complete an eContract?

To access deals from a DSP/DMS integration, hover over 'Contracts' from the top navigation, and select ‘Contract Manager’ from the dropdown.

A DSP/DMS integration in the RouteOne system is indicated by a ‘CAS Status’ of ‘DSP import.’

At this point, the DSP/DMS import is not yet affiliated with a saved or approved Credit Application, which is why it  is listed under ‘Contracts without Credit App.’

  • The next steps will be to pair the DSP/DMS import with a Credit Application in the system, or to create a new Credit Application.
  • Pairing a DSP/DMS import with a Credit Application in the system allows available deal information to be automatically populated into the RouteOne system, and eliminates rekeying and manual entry.


Click the ‘Customer Name’ of the DSP/DMS import you want to create an eContract for. 



You will be directed to the ‘Select Credit Application Decision’ page.

If there is a Credit Application/Credit Bureau with a Social Security Number or customer name that matches the DSP/DMS import, it will show up in the ‘Select Credit Application Decision’ page.

On the ‘Select Credit Application Decision’ page you will pair the DSP/DMS import with either:

  • A previously submitted and approved Credit Application that received a decision.
  • A Credit Application or Credit Bureau that was previously saved and imported, but not submitted for a decision.
  • Create a new Credit Application during the eContracting process that will be paired with the deal.


Once you have made your selection, click ‘Save & Continue.’



    After clicking ‘Save & Continue’ you will be directed to the ‘Contract Worksheet.’ 

    • If you elected to pair the deal with a previously approved or a previously saved Credit Application, some fields (e.g. Contract Header, Buyer Info, Vehicle Info, etc.) will be pre-populated.
    • If you elected to create a new ‘Credit Application,’ you generally will have to input the information manually. In some instances, certain customer information, vehicle information, and contract terms may be populated in the Contract Worksheet.


    Scroll through and complete all of the required information in the Contract Worksheet, and proceed to ‘Save,’ ‘Validate,’ or ‘Generate the Contract’ as you normally would.

    If the finance source you are using requires validation, you may also be able to take advantage of the Required Form List functionality.



    Once you ‘Generate the Contract,’ you will be directed to the ‘Contract Package’ page. Complete the eContracting steps (eDocuments (if needed), Review, Sign, Print, Assign and Distribute) as you would a standard eContract.

    If you selected the option to create a new Credit Application, or if you had a previously saved (but not submitted and approved) Credit Application, you will need to click the ‘Complete Credit App’ button.

    You can complete the Credit Application at any time in these steps, but you cannot progress past the ‘Print’ step until you complete the Credit Application, as an approved Credit Application is required to distribute the ‘Contract Package.’ 



    If you needed to complete the Credit Application and clicked ‘Complete Credit App’ from the ‘Contract Package’ page, you will be directed to the ‘Individual App’ page. This is where you can input or complete the required information for the Credit Application.

    When you are finished, you must ‘Sign’ and ‘Submit’ the Credit Application in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

    Note that you will have to wait for the application to be approved before you can assign and distribute the contract.



    If desired, you can check the status of the Credit Application in the ‘Deal Manager’ page (from the ‘Deals’ dropdown navigation tab).

    To complete the eContract, you will need to return to the customer’s ‘Contract Package’ page. To do so, click on the ‘Contract Manager’ page (from the ‘Contracts’ dropdown navigation tab). Then click on the customer name you want to complete the eContract for.

    Once you have an approved Credit Application, you can assign and distribute the contract.

    From the customer’s ‘Contract Package’ page, click the ‘Assign & Distribute’ button to send the contract to the finance source.

    As with a standard eContract, you will have two options to distribute the contract:

    • ‘Right Now:’ This means you have already faxed or uploaded all documents, and RouteOne will distribute to the finance source immediately. 
    • ‘After Fax:’ This means you will fax the documents at a later time, and upon RouteOne’s receipt of the documents, it will then distribute to the finance source. 

    More details about the Assign & Distribute options can be found here



    Once you have assigned and distributed the eContract, you can check its status in the ‘Contract Manager’ page. More information about contract statuses, as well as common eContracting terms and icons, can be found here.




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