Remote eSigning

What is Remote eSigning?

As part of the eContracting process, Remote eSigning allows you to send contract documents to an online 'signing room,' allowing buyers to complete the signing process without requiring them to be physically present at the dealership. 

For Remote eSigning to be enabled, the selected finance source must also be enabled for Remote eSigning. 

Your dealership’s Privacy Notice must also be uploaded in the RouteOne system by your Dealer System Administrator (DSA). For detailed instructions on how to upload your Privacy Notice, click here.  

For information about subscribing to Remote eSigning, click here.


You also have the option of uploading documents to RouteOne and defining signature areas for your customers so their signatures can be collected electronically on those documents. For more information on RouteOne’s eSign Anything® functionality, click here.




Remote eSigning within the eContracting process

Once subscribed to this feature, you will see a new Remote eSigning button on the ‘Contract Package’ page at the Review step of the process (Step 3): 

Note: If the selected Finance Source has not enabled Remote eSigning, you will continue to see Remote Document Delivery (RDD) on the Contract Package page.  For more information on Remote Document Delivery, click here.



Important: If you click on the ‘Review’ step, you will proceed with the traditional signing process at the dealership. Remote eSigning will no longer be available if you click the ‘Review’ step. If Remote eSigning is desired after this point, the only option will be to regenerate the contract.



Upon selecting the 'Remote eSigning' button, you will be required to enter the buyer/co-buyer’s email address and mobile number. 

Once you have provided the information, click the 'Submit' button.

For business contracts, you will also be prompted for the customer’s first name and last name during this process.



A confirmation message will display. Click the ‘OK’ button. 



The Contract Package screen will update. Instead of displaying the ‘Remote eSigning’ button, you will now see a ‘Resend Email’ button and a ‘View Remote Documents’ button.   

  • The ‘Resend Email’ button enables you to resend the Remote eSigning invitation to the customer as many times as needed. Note that you will not be able to change the email address or mobile number that you originally entered. If you entered an incorrect email address or mobile number, you will need to re-generate the contract.
  • The ‘View Remote Documents’ button allows you to open/view the documents that the customer will be viewing remotely. This allows you to follow along if your customer needs help or has questions while signing.



Customer eSigning Experience

Once Remote eSigning is initiated, the buyer (and co-buyer, if applicable) will receive an email inviting them to sign their documents. 

To begin the signing process they will need to click the ‘Click here to Review and Sign’ link in the email. 



After clicking the link in the invitation email, the customer will be directed to a page to request a PIN. 

When the customer clicks the ‘Get PIN’ button, an SMS text is sent to the mobile number you entered when you initiated Remote eSigning in the RouteOne platform.

Once the customer has received the PIN, they must enter the PIN in the ‘Enter PIN’ box and click the ‘Submit PIN’ button.

Any time the customer exits the signing session and re-enters the signing room, they will be prompted to request and submit a new PIN. 



Upon successful authentication the customer will be directed to the signing room entrance, where they can confirm how their signature will appear. 

The customer will see their first name, last name, and email pre-populated from the contract package. These fields serve as confirmation for the user and are not editable.  

Depending on your dealership settings, the customer may have the option to select how they want their signature applied throughout the signing room; either by using a typed or a drawn signature to sign the documents.

You can select the types of signatures that are permitted when buyers sign through Remote eSigning and in-store eSigning. To learn more about setting your dealership’s ‘eSign Signature Types’ preferences, click here.


  • If typing, no further action is needed, as the signature is already typed for the customer. 
  • If drawing, the buyer can draw a signature using a mouse or using any touch-enabled device. 

Customer reviewing/signing of contract documents on a mobile phone is not supported at this time. Customers should complete the Remote eSigning process using a desktop/laptop computer or tablet.



To begin the signing process, the customer must accept the ESIGN Consent by clicking the corresponding checkbox, and then click the ‘Begin’ button. 

If the customer does not want to sign via Remote eSign, they can withdraw consent by clicking the 'I decline to eSign' link. The customer will be asked for a reason for not signing. 

  • Once consent is withdrawn, the link in the invitation email will no longer be valid, and that particular contract cannot be signed by any means.  The customer can than return to the dealership to execute the contract documents.


Once the customer accepts the ESIGN Consent and clicks the ‘Begin’ button, they will enter the signing room and be presented with documents for review and signing.

The first document presented is the ESIGN Consent. The customer must click the ‘Continue After Reviewing Document’ button to proceed.



The customer will also be presented with the dealer’s Privacy Notice and will be required to review that document before continuing to the contract documents. 


Once the ESIGN Consent and Privacy Notice have been reviewed, the customer will be able to review and sign their contract documents. 

The customer can scroll through each document and apply their signature in each signature field, or they can click the ‘Start’ button. The ‘Start’ button will automatically direct them to each signature field on the document, where they will click the ‘Click here’ prompt to apply their signature to the highlighted field, and then click ‘Next’ to be directed to the next signature field. 



Once the customer has entered all signatures within a document, the ‘Apply Signature’ button displays, serving as confirmation that they have reviewed the document in its entirety and agree to the terms and conditions.



The customer will repeat this process until all contract documents in the signing room are reviewed and signed. 

Once all documents have been signed, the customer will be directed to a 'Thank You' page where they will have the ability to download their documents as PDFs, either as a single combined file or individual files. 



When finished, selecting the ‘Finish and Exit’ button will redirect the customer to a static page. 




Navigating the Signing Room


Throughout the customer signing process, there is a left-hand navigation menu that provides the customer with several options.



Save and Exit: The customer can save their work, exit the session, and come back to the session via the original email invitation link without having to reapply signatures that were previously applied.

All buyer signatures must be applied by midnight on the day that the Remote eSigning invitation was sent to the customer.

Withdraw Consent: The customer can withdraw consent and opt to not remotely eSign the contract. The customer will be prompted to provide a reason for withdrawing consent. When the customer withdraws consent the contract document is voided. 

  • If the customer later decides to move forward with the deal, you will need to regenerate the contract, regardless of whether it will be signed in-dealership or via Remote eSigning. If the customer wants to complete the deal through Remote eSigning, you will need to initiate Remote eSigning for the new contract, which will prompt a new invitation email to be sent to the customer.

Print Consent: The customer can choose to print a hard copy of the ESIGN Consent form at any time. Clicking the Print Consent link will open the ESIGN Consent form in the customer’s browser as a printable PDF.

Save a Copy: The customer can download and save a copy of all documents as a single PDF file or individual PDF files to their local machine (laptop or desktop).

Zoom Out/Zoom In: Clicking these buttons will slightly zoom in or out on the document the customer is currently reviewing.

Your Progress: Clicking this link will display a popup that lists the documents in the signing room and whether each document has been signed or still needs to be signed. The customer can view/print any document from this page.



On the right side of the page the customer can see the pages in a document. 

Clicking on a page will jump to that specific page in the document. The current page is always outlined by a blue border. While it is possible to jump to any page of the document, the customer will not be able to move to the next document without applying signatures to each of the required fields.





Remote eSigning FAQs


    All buyer signatures must be applied by midnight on the day that the Remote eSigning invitation was sent to the customer. After that time the link expires and you would need to regenerate the contract to re-initiate the Remote eSigning process.  

    If the customer attempts to use an expired link, they will receive an error message that the documents have expired. 

    If you enter the incorrect email and/or phone number and sent the Remote eSigning invitation to your customer, you will need to regenerate the contract to initiate Remote eSigning with the correct email address and/or phone number.

    When you regenerate the contract the previous Remote eSigning email invitation you sent to the customer will be deactivated. If the customer attempts to use the old link they will receive an error message that the documents have expired.

    Yes, both the buyer and co-buyer will be sent a Remote eSigning invitation link at the same time. The buyer will be prompted to sign the buyer signature fields and the co-buyer will be prompted to sign the co-buyer fields.

    The system automatically prevents signing in the incorrect location. Both parties are able to sign at any time.

    The document status on the Contract Package page will be 'Unsigned' (in the case of a credit application) or 'Generation Complete' in the case of all other documents. The Contract Manager page will display 'Contract Generation Complete.'

    Once the first signature is applied, the status on the Contract Package page will display 'Ready to Distribute' (in the case of the credit application), 'Authoritative Copy' (in the case of a signed document), or 'Review Copy Printed' (in the case of a non-signable document). The Contract Manager page will display 'Contract Signatures in Process (AC Created).'

    Once the customer completes the signing process, the Contact Package page will automatically proceed to the Sign step (Step 4), allowing the dealer to proceed in the signing process and apply their signature.

    This functionality is not supported at this time.

    Customer reviewing/signing of contract documents on a mobile phone is not supported at this time.

    For Remote eSigning to be enabled, the selected finance source must also be enabled for Remote eSigning. In addition, your dealership’s Privacy Notice must be uploaded in the RouteOne system by your Dealer System Administrator (DSA).  

    how to upload your dealership’s Privacy Notice

    Important: Please be aware that it can take up to two hours after you subscribe to Remote eSigning for the Remote eSigning button to become available.




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