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What is workflow? It's the bow that ties everything together for you. It's the RouteOne credit application, online retail, compliance, and eContracting systems.  It's the integrations we provide to your favorite DSPs.  It's the host of support tools and services we provide. It's having one central hub to go to for all your vehicle financing needs. And don’t forget about RouteOne’s customer support.  RouteOne has a suite of solutions designed to support your workflow and make your day easier and help you to work more efficiently. We will help you spend less time pushing paper, and eliminate manual and duplicate efforts, so you can spend more time doing what you do best, selling more vehicles. 


Complimentary Products and Services

Reporting Suite

Our Reporting Suite provides you with a concise, yet comprehensive view of your dealership’s finance department and finance source performance. These near real-time reports give you fingertip access to key performance metrics to pinpoint new opportunities for growth and profit. 

Credit Bureau Access

RouteOne offers you a wide variety of options for accessing credit reports within our platform. By obtaining your dealership account credentials from the credit bureau service provider, you can access virtually any credit bureau source through the RouteOne platform. It gives you the flexibility you need and eliminates duplicate entry. Just enter the codes into RouteOne and begin pulling reports immediately.

DSP/DMS Integration

We know there is not a one size fits all solution, and each dealership has unique needs. That’s why RouteOne’s open integration platform was designed to work with 170+ DSP systems. These integrations put you in control, allowing you to choose the best in class solution for your dealership, all while reducing data entry and duplicate steps in your workflow.

Payoff Quote Tool

Obtain real-time vehicle payoff amounts from a customer’s account. With access to many finance sources, this feature allows for greater accuracy at the time of deal consummation. To access the payoff amount and a detailed history, visit the RouteOne Payoff Quote Manager.

Premium Products

Vehicle Valuation Tool

When determining the value of a vehicle, spending unnecessary time searching through multiple sites, and reentering data to find the bestmatched value can be frustrating. RouteOne understands the pain dealerships go through, and has an easy solution to reduce the amount of time to find a value on a vehicle, so you can spend more time closing deals - that solution is called the RouteOne Vehicle Valuation Tool.

This tool automatically calculates used vehicle loan, retail, and trade-in values on a single screen from within the RouteOne credit application. Accommodating all F&I and sales/desking processes via dual entry points, the RouteOne Vehicle Valuation Tool allows F&I Managers to value the vehicles in a short amount of time. Your dealership will be able to provide your finance sources detailed valuation information, reducing the time it takes to receive a funding decision, by eliminating the hassle of leafing through paper guides or using stand-alone valuation sites. When you subscribe to the Vehicle Valuation Tool within RouteOne, your dealership will be able to pull as many valuations as you need at no extra cost above the low monthly subscription fee.