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MaximTrak FLITE®

Designed for Your Customers


MaximTrak FLITE  is the industry’s first, one-of-a-kind showroom presentation tool that has revolutionized sales processes by putting the customer in control.

Employing the latest touch technology of tablets, TVs, and tabletop devices, FLITE  enables dealerships to easily build and execute powerful presentations to customers, far exceeding the outdated manual menu-selling experience.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Automotive industry first
  • Technology award-winning 
  • Fully-integrated features
  • Innovative smart driver profile
  • Multi-factor needs analysis 
  • Intelligent product recommendations
  • Enables multiple selling scenarios
  • Flexible F&I workflow that fits into any sales process
  • Dealer-controlled & customer-driven transaction
  • Meets modern consumer “tech-spectations”
  • Enterprise branded UI
  • Interactive sales tools, 3D, & videos
  • Interactive touch-tech, drag & drop experience – not just a paper menu on screen
  • Device agnostic – no expensive hardware contracts required
  • Desktop, table-top, tablet, phone, & TV 
  • New enhancements & features

What can FLITE do for your dealership?

Today’s consumers use the latest technology to shop, and with FLITE, the F&I process is no different.

FLITE puts the sale in the customer’s hands using touch screen technology and interactive smart-survey features to build a completely customized profile and menu of products directly aligned with the customer’s needs and driving habits.

When the buyer is in control, it not only creates a comfortable sales process, but with a highly relevant product presentation and seamless transaction experience, customers are much more likely to purchase aftermarket products, successfully driving dealership profitability.

For a branded experience, FLITE can be private labeled for each dealership.

Integrated within FLITE is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind survey system in which customers receive a personal risk analysis and intelligent product recommendations based on an ever-growing list of key data points. Some of the factors include vehicle data, deal information, driving habits, vehicle usage variables, risk factors, cost of replacement, out-of-pocket expense data, duration of ownership, and much more! When customers connect their lifestyle needs with the real world, and are then presented with tailored, yet unbiased options to protect their vehicle, they are put at ease to embrace “worry-free ownership.” FLITE places customers in the driver’s seat for a comfortable, informed, and intelligent buying decision. FLITE’s approach to F&I puts the “custom” in customer experience.

    Centralized Solution

    MaximTrak FLITE is a cutting-edge component of MaximTrak’s suite of solutions, accessible through RouteOne’s single sign-on process, allowing dealerships all the tools they need for a configurable, connected, and comprehensive sales experience that meets the “tech-spectations” of the modern consumer.

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