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Credit Bureau Services

If you’re like many dealers, your first task when assisting customers is determining the best way to get them financed based on their credit portfolio. For dealers that complete a credit report request in RouteOne, credit application is automatically populated with that data. RouteOne will automatically display any add-on products you may have purchased from the credit bureau provider (e.g. summary view, OFAC, etc.). To keep your financing process simple and efficient, we process the credit report request on your behalf, and display the credit bureau provider’s report in RouteOne. This means that you don’t have to enter the data twice – it’s already entered for you in the credit app, allowing you to quickly submit the deal to the finance sources of your choosing! In addition, RouteOne stores the credit reports for 60 days, so if you need to go back and review them for any reason, they’ll be available to you. 

Flexible options

RouteOne provides access to a variety of credit bureau agencies to provide you the best opportunity to get the deal done. With RouteOne, you’ll have direct access to the three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – as well as:


Credit Bureau Source Contact Number
700Credit 866.273.3848
Credit Bureau Connection (CBC) 800.448.0183
Credit Check (ADP) 888.424.6342
CoreLogic Credco 800.694.1414
CSC Credit Services 800.871.0196
DealerCenter 888.669.2669
Equifax - New Customers 888.202.4025
Equifax - Current Customers 888.202.4025
Equifax - Canada 416.227.5413
Experian 800.831.5614
National Credit Center (NCC) 877.709.7222
ProCredit Express 800.942.0987
Reynolds (CBI) 800.767.7879
TransUnion 800.730.0126
VSI 800.730.0126


Integrate your Credit Bureau Providers to RouteOne. It's Simple!

To add a credit bureau provider to your RouteOne account, have your Dealer System Administrator (DSA) visit the 'Admin' tab, choose 'Credit Bureau/DSP' from the drop down, and click the 'Add DMS' button. Choose the Credit Bureau Provider you with to add, and continue with the configuration process on the screen.