How Handy Chevrolet Utilizes the RouteOne Menu

January 05, 2022

All dealers know too well the stress of having a customer sit and wait in the finance office for extended periods during the finance and insurance process. It is especially stressful when systems are disjointed, and efforts are duplicated. 

The longer your customer must sit in your office walking through paperwork, the more your CSI scores may suffer. Your processes have a direct impact on efficiency and satisfaction.  

Whether you are an independent dealer or you work at a franchise, all dealers face the same problem of disconnected processes and workflows, lengthy paperwork, and draining effort to complete all the paperwork in the F&I office.  

Handy Chevrolet was already a satisfied user of RouteOne’s credit application and eContracting services, and they loved the systems ease of use and personal customer service. It was easy for Handy to see the value in switching to RouteOne Menu Powered by MaximTrak and integrating the entire sales process from credit to menu to the final contract.  



Working Together for a Customized Solution 

RouteOne Menu is a flexible solution that does not push dealers to change their aftermarket sales processes, whether using in-store paper menus or digital menus via text. RouteOne coordinated directly with Handy to create a customized menu tailored to their strategy. 

RouteOne Menu meets its dealers where they are, with the unique ability to integrate finance and aftermarket contracts. RouteOne molded its processes to fit how Handy’s F&I Managers wanted to sell aftermarket products.  

Accordingly, the RouteOne customer support team configured Handy’s platform and ensured the Handy staff had the proper training.  

“The customization of the menu presentation itself is great. Totally customize it to your dealership and how you like things to be presented and what comes as recommended and what comes up as in the platinum — it’s smooth, it’s easy, it’s efficient.” 

- Geoffrey Sullivan, Finance and Sales Manager, Handy Chevrolet 


Spend More Time Making More Money 

As an active RouteOne eContracting dealer, Handy adopted RouteOne Menu to experience an integrated workflow that streamlines the process and helped eliminate the need to spend extra time working through multiple systems.  

Handy now uses menu presentation tools that support their processes and fit seamlessly with their retail and lease contracts. They have used RouteOne Menu for thousands of transactions, enjoying the flexibility that allows them to speed up their aftermarket sales practices without having to change them. 

“I’m the kind of person that likes to do it once and be done. Time is of the essence with customers, of course, so you want to do everything in one shot. The integration on [the menu] is pretty much seamless; whether it be a lease, whether it be a retail contract, or even for cash, it allows you to get everything in one quick snapshot and move it to where it needs it needs to be, so you can move them down the road.”  

- Geoffery Sullivan, Finance and Sales Manager, Handy Chevrolet 



The Menu You Can Take for Granted 

Like water coming out of a faucet, the menu process should feel like something that automatically happens, and the dealers do not have to think about it twice. RouteOne Menu is like a utility that you can “set it and forget it’” working for you.  

“I would greatly recommend it if anyone hasn’t switched to this or wants to try it out, everyone at RouteOne and everyone at MaximTrak in front of the screens, behind the screens, the coders, they’re all very helpful.”  

- Geoffrey Sullivan, Finance and Sales Manager, Handy Chevrolet 

You have come to trust RouteOne for credit application and eContracting. You know our responsive customer service team will take care of you when you call. Now, let us help you make the most of your aftermarket menu needs for the best workflow and customer experience possible.  



View the RouteOne Menu in Action 

Connect with the team at RouteOne today to learn more and see for yourself how RouteOne Menu can impact your aftermarket sales process and reach out to your RouteOne Business Development Manager or call us at 866.768.8301.  

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