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What's New in eContracting?

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Remote options and the ability to add aftermarket forms directly into your eContracting workflow

Consider All-in-One For Overall Enjoyment

When you’re driving through your favorite fast food restaurant, you’re more than likely to go for the all-in-one meal deal of a burger, fries, and beverage. You easily make the choice to simplify your ordering process and save time and money.

The same principle applies to your eContracting workflow.

RouteOne offers industry-first remote capabilities like Remote eSigning and Remote Document Delivery. In addition, RouteOne’s Aftermarket Rating and Contracting service provides you with the ability to add product and insurance forms directly into an eContract for a single signing ceremony. Combining these latest eContracting extras can provide an all-in-one, streamlined purchasing experience.

Add Product Forms To eContracts - Digital Integration for No Surprises

When you subscribe to the complimentary RouteOne Aftermarket Rating and Contracting service, you’ll be connected to a variety of product providers. Find rates, create registrations, and include product forms in a final single signing ceremony. Elevate the contracting process in a way that’s convenient and efficient for both you and your customers.

If you prefer using an interactive menu, take advantage of RouteOne’s affiliation with MaximTrak and its FLITE™ platform.  Your customers can personalize their vehicle with aftermarket products on their own, or assisted by you in your dealership, depending on their preference.  You can submit all the necessary forms seamlessly to the eContracting workflow. 

Optimize the buying experience and elevate your dealership’s bottom line with a streamlined way to add F&I product paperwork.

Remote Document Delivery

Your customer has selected their next vehicle, and gone over all the paperwork with you, but now something has come up and they have to leave your store.  Some buyers might come back at delivery to review and sign everything, but other people might want to go over everything at home.

Many customers now prefer to manage paperwork entirely online in their own environment. The purchase process can continue digitally with RouteOne’s Remote Document Delivery. This service allows you to deliver a contract package electronically, offering a flexible option to your valued customers.   Buyers can read through all their deal documents at home before they walk into your dealership to pick up their vehicle.

Remote eSigning

Customers can also choose to sign their paperwork from home with RouteOne’s Remote eSigning functionality. Combined with RouteOne’s Remote Document Delivery service, you can digitally deliver deal documents and remotely collect customer signatures.

When you initiate Remote eSigning, an invitation email is sent automatically to your customer, inviting them to securely log into the signing room to electronically review, sign, and return their documents to your dealership.  Customers enter their digital signature once and apply that signature throughout the signing process.  Remote eSigning ensures signatures are captured correctly the first time.

With remote options, you can be flexible to the desires of each individual customer.  Some people want to view and sign all parts of the contract on their own time before they enter your dealership for delivery.  Others might just want to read the contract leisurely but autograph in person.  You can easily have the paperwork waiting for the final contract execution if signatures are still needed.

Embrace the Tech

Every day we take advantage of technology that can help us complete tasks more efficiently. Many new advances boast an added layer of checks and balances along the way. Everyone is adapting to new technology, from electronic signing at the grocery store to accessing a smartphone throughout the day for texting, talking, research, and shopping.  Providing your customers with a flexible eContracting process can free up more time, eliminate errors, and reduce shuffling paper so you can spend time creating a lasting relationship with more transparency and higher satisfaction levels.   Contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager and get started today.