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Tips for Managing Your Dealership's Security


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When you practice daily hygiene, (and let's hope you do) you have a routine for activities like showering and brushing your teeth.
The same concept applies to manage security or cyber "hygiene"; you create a system of routines and checks required to preserve your dealership's online health.
In today’s marketplace, the security of sensitive data is crucial to the sustainability of consumer trust and ultimately the success of any business. Nowhere is this concept more relevant than in the modern dealership ecosystem.

The following are some best practices your DSA can put into action to help protect your dealership from unnecessary loss due to any security shortcomings or hardship.  

Audit Your User Accounts Regularly
As a dealership administrator, it is important to frequently review all dealer user accounts within the RouteOne system on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that accounts are assigned only to current employees that have access to your customer’s data in the RouteOne system.  

Regularly Review User Account Permissions and Privileges

Exercising the principles of “least privilege” ensures that your dealership’s users only have access to features and functionality that are necessary for performing their duties.  Also, due to the elevated privileges of the role, the granting of DSA functionality should be limited to one individual. This will help ensure that permissions and privileges are granted appropriately and minimize the risk of collusion.

Sign Up for IP Blocking

RouteOne offers a complimentary service called “IP Blocking.” By taking advantage of this service, RouteOne can block access to the RouteOne system from any IP address outside of the dealership. Please contact your Business Development Manager to find out more information about this valuable free service.

Maintain Unique Login IDs

All users of the RouteOne system should have a unique ID to log into the RouteOne system. When IDs are shared between users, the risk that the ID could end up in the hands of an unintended or unauthorized party increases.

Create Complex Passwords

The passwords used for login to the RouteOne system should be difficult to guess and should not contain common words such as those found within the dictionary. 

Some rules to note when creating a new password:

•    A new password cannot be one of your previous six passwords. 
•    A password must be 8 to 20 characters long and must contain at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter. 
•    Your password may contain the following special characters:  ~`!@#$^&*()_-=|\}]{['":;?/>.<, for variety
•    RouteOne passwords are case sensitive. 

Remember the more difficult a password is to guess, the harder it will be for an attacker to gain access to the account!


Start Your Security Routine Today

At times, the threat landscape can seem daunting and perilous to navigate. But as you can see from above, there are simple steps you can take now to increase the security posture of your dealership well into the future.

View this short video or read this quick guide for additional cybersecurity information.