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Read Our Digital Retail eBook for Tips and Tricks

RouteOne's Digital Retail eBook

As you know, the customer journey has evolved.  Yesterday, consumers had limited options when it came to shopping for a new vehicle.  Walking into your dealership was the only sure way to explore finance options, trade-in values, and other car-buying tasks.

For many buyers today, the entire process, from research to vehicle delivery, is divided between online and in-store. Consumers can scour the web at their leisure to perform due diligence and choose their next vehicle. With a desire for transparency and a consumer-driven experience, many buyers are demanding flexible F&I tools to complete a great deal of the vehicle purchase process online, on their own time. Some consumers want to shop for vehicles the same way they buy clothes, groceries, vacations, and virtually anything.  A wide range of products and services are being purchased directly from a computer or mobile device in the comfort of an individual’s environment. 

To help you manage the changes in the road ahead, RouteOne has created a new eBook to help you ramp up your digital retail strategy.  Discover how to build or improve a streamlined digital retail platform to create a better buying experience for your customers while saving time and money for your dealership. 

Your digital retail strategy should probably contain a variety of unique components that suit your needs including a way to stay on top of compliance tasks and online leads while providing your customers with the ability to have a better customer experience when they purchase their next vehicle.  Customer experience is now the modern competitive edge; an advantage that attracts and retains customers. Because of new consumer expectations, businesses have adjusted and adapted accordingly. Some of the latest functionality we have created for the RouteOne platform, like Remote eSigning and Remote Document Delivery, has been in response to consumer demands for a more flexible and transparent F&I process that we currently see and anticipate in the future.

Adapt to the current landscape and prepare for shifts down the road with the help of the information in our complimentary Digital Retail eBook, download HERE today.


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